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10 Best Traditional Dress of Rajasthan:

Traditional Clothing is a symbol of culture, believes, and rituals. Here is the list of the 10 best traditional dress of Rajasthan. All countries in the world have their own traditional clothing.

In India, traditional dressing is a symbol of their believes, interests, and stories related to their histories. Whenever we have thought of Rajasthan we always get an image of the colorful dresses, heavy ornaments, fancy lifestyles, etc. These dresses are as traditional as the traditional food of Rajasthan. You should look these traditional dresses and try them if you go to a traditional clothing store and take selfies.

Here are some of the traditional dresses which the Rajasthanis are decorating on themselves and marking as their symbol:

1. Turban:

Traditional dress of Rajasthan

A Rajasthani Turban also known as a Pagadi is one of the most important clothing of men in the state. It also symbolizes their economic state. It comes in many colors and a common Rajasthani man wears a Pagadi of a single color while a rich man wears a colorful Pagadi.

They may differ by their sizes according to their region but is a remarkable wearing in the celebrations.

2. Angarakha:(One of the famous Rajasthani dresses)


As the name suggests the term Angrakha is derived from the Protective shield of the Rajput soldiers in the armies and is worn with a sign of a soldier, bravery, and styles. It is one of the famous Rajasthani dresses and also famous traditional dresses in India.

There are two types of Angarakha i.e. Kamari Angarakha and the Long Angarakha. They are worn in large numbers in rituals, celebrations, and specific events. These are also common in traditional shopping stores if you try them you would find great and look fantastic in this getup.

3. Dhoti:

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Dhoti is lower which is worn by the Rajasthani men with their traditional uppers. It is a pajama type lower but different in its structure. It is not as easy to wear and requires practice to wear it professionally. It is not only one of the famous Rajasthani dresses but also used with many traditional dresses in India in many and almost every part of India.

It comes in different colors and also comes in multicolor cloth which is worn in the rituals. The Dhoti reflects the simplicity of the Rajasthani people.

4. Turban Ornaments:

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Like the women, Rajasthani men also wear traditional ornaments with their turban. The Rajput Sarpatti is a feather-shaped brooch that is flanked by a band on both sides. It is a symbol of royalty, kingship and was historically worn by the prince of the Rajputs.

5. Ear Ornaments:

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Ear Ornaments are the most important part of the Rajasthani tradition. It is believed that piercing the ears is important as it has the pressure points which keep the mind healthy. 

This is done in childhood when the boys are under the age of three years. There are different types of earrings like Murki, Jhela, Jhumka, Gokhru, and Balas.

6. Neckpieces and Hand Jewelry:


Men in Rajasthan wear a variety of necklaces that contain gems in them. Kanthi is a type of jewelry that was worn by the rulers in Rajasthan. Now it is worn commonly by many people in public gatherings, ceremonies, etc.

Men are also fond of the Hand Jewelry called Kada. It is made up of Gold, Silver, etc which you can see in every traditional Rajasthani man. Another type of Hand Jewelry is Bajubands which are worn in the biceps and it has designs with gems on them. It is made of Gold, Silver, and many other alloys.

7. Odhni:


It is one of the most important Rajasthani dresses for women. It is a dupatta type and one end is kept inside the Ghagra and the other end is put over the head. It is a long cloth printed in different colors and designs.

It is mandatory for the women and the brides to wear it, especially when they are in front of the elders and during celebrations.

8. Ghaghara:


Ghaghara is a long skirt that has a narrow waist and the length of the Ghaghara reaches to the ankles which cover the lower portion of the body. It looks like an umbrella at the lower portion of the body. There is also the Rajasthani lehenga which is very famous in Rajasthan as well as in India. These are most shopped Rajasthani dresses and also listed in the list of traditional dresses in India.

They are mostly made with cotton and come in different colors. They are printed like Lehariyas and Motharas print.

9. Head Jewelery:


Head Jewelry such as Bor is an important part of the lives of the married women of Rajasthan. It is placed and worn on the middle of the forehead. It is gifted to the bride by the husband and worn after the marriage ritual is completed.

Another Head Jewelry Seldi is a circular shape worn on the upper region of the head. These come in many shapes but are usually conically shaped with bells hanging and are worn by married women.

10. Ear Jewelery:


Ear Jewelry such as Bedla is important for married women which are worn on the upper part of the ear. It is made in different shapes but usually in heart-shaped ends and looks very beautiful.

Another Ear Jewelry Jhumka is very popular which is bell-shaped. They are made of gold and Silver. People of high status wear Gold Jhumka.