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8 essential tips to take care of our skin

Skin is an important part of our body. We are here with 8 essential tips to take care of our skin and these tips will make your skin a healthy and bright one. All of these are prescribed by the top experts of the American Medical Association. So stay tuned and use these tips for a healthy skin:

Tips to take care of our skin

1. Wear Makeup

Makeup can easily damage your skin or even kill it. After using makeup for several weeks, I was alarmed by how quickly my face seemed to heal, i.e. any area I had left with callus-like markings, had firm dry patches and their scars/radiation scars were no longer visible.

I took a look at my makeup routine and how much I spent on the packaging to buy it and how much on my daily face. I bought the least amount of makeup but found it was the most important beauty item I bought. Also as a result of this awareness, I started looking at various Indian authors’ articles on how to do makeup. Don’t be afraid to ask your makeup artist or your doctor how to do your makeup just like taking the basic skincare advice!

2. Exercise

Exercise keeps your skin calm and promotes healing. This is not only beneficial for the face, but for the whole body. A gym session has been recommended for over 14 years to combat acne. The reason for this is that my acne was mainly on my nose and cheeks, so a lot of exercises like yoga that included yoga props in direct proximity to these areas were very important. The exercise engages different areas of the body that are involved in the activity which leads to an increase in circulation in certain areas which in turn reduces inflammation, dryness, and acne.

3. Eat fruit

It is one of the famous healthy skin tips. I have been studying berries for several years now and we’re always asked if I used them. The answer to this was a simple ‘No’ and that was very embarrassing for me. The second most popular fruit in my country is the banana and the tartness it’s used in is a boon for acne on my face. When eating a banana, all the acne-causing agents are inactivated. Going from banana to apples is also an excellent way to get rid of some acne since apple toxins are also given a nosedive.

4. Sunscreen

When you are using sunscreen and sun protection has become a thing, keep in mind that not all sunscreens protect the skin effectively. Use a sunscreen with high SPF as this contains a very high amount of antioxidants and reduces the absorption of sun damaging molecules into the skin, an important factor as the skin can only be replaced by the skin. Packed with active ingredients and antioxidants, many creams give the best results and the least amount of water. When sunscreen working at its maximum the effects are easily noticed and more so with the help of a slapstick texture and easy application. So be sure to wear sunscreen every time you plan to venture outdoors.

5. Hydrating

The first 8 steps are important for your overall health, but from the point of acne prevention and even if you have acne, it is important to regularly hydrate your face to fight most of the products. As we have made acne remedies by drinking plenty of water, I highly recommend it if you are acne-prone. It will give you daily hydration and you don’t need to worry about if you will be refreshing your skin immediately or five days later, or even if you will look like yesterday today when you go for your shower!

6. Cleanse your face

I have encountered many individuals who swear by facial cleansing and I often get forwarded other simple yet simple remedies that you can use to get rid of acne. If you want to improve your acne breakout fast, I suggest you try cleansing your face. Choose a clean bar that has a bubble bath atomizer attachment. I recommend sanitize it and clean any stubborn oil build-up with olive oil and then run a warm bath for a few minutes.

7. Wipe down your skin

I recommend it most readily for blemish-free skin if you live near a city with congestion around drainage. I have personally mentioned it twice to my dermatologist to get results in the form of further acne clearance. Wiping down and having a supportive mass with cream-based face moisturizers is another great method to get results in acne.

8. Application and maintenance

After that, I suggest you continue going over all your suggestions with your dermatologist and seeing if your acne will clear up overnight. Most important point: If you are getting better results within a day, take a photo of it so that you can see how much damage to the skin was done and think if you continue your efforts.

The best results were seen within a week and that was good!

Other ways to deal with acne are also noteworthy, but there are enough guidelines out there that make it clear to try all of them at home for different skin types or any reasons at all. I will be posting on my website about my own particular acne experiences on-going and at all times need to look after it, and definitely thanks everyone for reading this article.

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