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10 Best Paid Jobs in IT Sector in India:

The best paid jobs in IT sector are the ones that are aiding the digital economy. Every best-paying job like doctors, Chartered Accountants, Merchant Navy is still in demand, however, newer roles such as business analysts , cybersecurity professionals are also getting the best salaries in the market today. Salaries for all these positions depend on the educational background and professional experience, it also matters how well you are equipped and packed with the latest technology in each of these fields. 

We are showing you a list of the highest-paid jobs in India to help aspiring professionals set their expectations and maybe also nudge them towards their goals. Check out this list to understand the trends, skill set requirements, and salary insights. It’s right that the following occupations are the highest salary jobs in India in recent years. However, the exact figures may vary depending on the cities and the level of professional experience.

Best paid jobs in IT sector

1. Data Scientists

Data Scientists are one of the best professionals today as companies are investing heavily into big data. Big data is important to create consumer-centric solutions and enhance product and service performance. For all this, companies are hiring data scientists to help them make more data-driven business decisions. They are in high demand now and the coming years are going to see more data scientists getting hired by top business companies.

For this demand, data scientists can earn a base salary more than 36% than other professionals. You can expect your salary to reach to new heights after becoming a subject matter expert or after acquiring multiple degrees in data science. Most data scientists make up to 7 lakhs/annum at the entry-level and also21-25 lakh/annum when you become a senior.

  • Entry Level Salary: 5-7 lakh/annum
  • Mid Level Salary:12-15 lakh/annum
  • Senior Level Salary: 21-25 lakh/annum


  • Bachelors degree in Computer science, mathematics, statistics
  • Data Science Certifications
  • Project experience in field of application


  • Programming skills
  • Data visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytical skills

2. Cyber Security Professionals

It is one of the best paid jobs in IT sector and all most all kinds of businesses have an online presence today and so it becomes very important to protect their valuable digital assets. Since cybersecurity is indispensable to all kinds of businesses, there’s a growing need for cybersecurity professionals.

They ensure that the brands and businesses are secured against cyber threats and cybercrimes. At present cyber security professionals can easily earn between 30 to 40 lakhs/annum.

  1. Entry Level: 6 lakhs/annum
  2. Mid Level: 10-12 lakhs/annum
  3. Senior Level: 30 lakhs/ annum


  1. Graduation in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  2. Certification in a cybersecurity course


  1. Problem-Solving Skills
  2. Technical aptitude
  3. Analytical skills
  4. Computer Forensics skills
  5. Knowledge of Security across Various Platforms

3. Artificial Intelligence Professionals

The supply-demand gap for artificial intelligence professionals is very high in India. Even at present time, there are 3000 vacant AI positions that require skilled professionals and the steady rise of the applications of AI indicates the number is only going to increase in the coming future. However, a dearth of skilled AI professionals in the market has made the companies competing with each other to hire the best talent.

All the leading companies are giving AI experts a number of benefits.  AI experts are responsible for enabling machines to have artificial intelligence. Their primary tasks include understanding and creating AI algorithms, programming, and more.

  1. Mid Level: 17 lakh/annum approx
  2. Senior Level: 26 lakh/annum approx


  1. Graduation in Mathematics, computer science, statistics, or related field
  2. Certification in AI courses


  1. Programming skills
  2. Analytical skills
  3. Robotics
  4. Statistical skills

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4. Machine Learning Professionals

AI and ML have taken the modern world by storm as by designing more personal solutions for consumers. Machine learning professionals are helping the brands to make more data-driven business decisions so that their business risks are low.

Experts in machine learning are proving to be valuable assets to companies and their demand keeps rising each year. A certification or degree in machine learning is very important in accelerating your career to exciting directions. 

  1. Entry Level: 5-7 lakhs/annum
  2. Mid Level: 15 lakhs/annum
  3. Senior Level: 22lakhs/annum


  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, AI, or a related field.
  2. Specialization in Machine Learning through certification courses


  1. Computer Science knowledge and Programming
  2. Probability and statistics
  3. Software Engineering and System Design
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Data analysis

5. Full Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are responsible for the overall web development and maintenance. Their ability to work on both the front-end and the back-end functionalities for any application makes them particularly significant in the tech department of any company.

There has been a 20% rise in the demand for full-stack developers in India in recent times. Startup companies are employing more full-stack developers as they need professionals who are responsible for product applications end-to-end. If you are an expert in coding and have commendable knowledge of Java, Python, CSS, RubyonRails, and other coding languages, then you can expect high-paying offers from both startups and top MNCs. 

  1. Entry Level: 5-6 lakhs/annum
  2. Mid Level: 8-10 lakhs/annum
  3. Senior Level: 10-12 lakhs/annum


  1. It requires Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related field
  2. You should be proficient in fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  1. Front end and back end technology skills
  2. Version control system
  3. Coding skills
  4. Cloud skills
  5. Database skills

6. Cloud Computing Professionals

The Indian cloud computing industry will be worth $6 billion dollars by 2022. Cloud software engineers, cloud architects, cloud infrastructure engineers, etc are in very high demand and they will continue to rise in the years. There are many openings for qualified candidates for cloud computing in India at the moment.

A degree in cloud computing can raise your salary by up to 60%. Seasoned experts can even get up to 70 lakhs/annum.

  1. Entry Level: 6-8 lakhs/annum
  2. Mid Level:10-12 lakhs/annum
  3. Senior Level: 30 lakhs/annum


  1. Bachelor’s degree in CS, computer applications or a science stream
  2. Certification through cloud computing courses


  1. Programming skills
  2. Database management skills
  3. Linux skills
  4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge
  5. serverless architecture knowledge

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7. Software Engineers

India has been less famous when it comes to the number of IT professionals it gets out every year. Yet, the market keeps getting an increasing number of software engineers each year. With the big international tech companies investing in the Indian market and outsourcing talent overseas like never before, the number of software engineers keeps growing.

Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and many more alone have seen a rapid rise in the employment of engineers in recent years. For growth International projects and a steady domestic market ensure that money keeps entering this sector. Seasoned Engineers with 4-5 years of experience can expect salaries between 10-12 lakhs. 

  1. Entry Level: 4-6 lakhs/annum
  2. Mid Level: 10-15 lakhs/annum
  3. Senior Level: 25-30 lakhs/annum


  1. Bachelors degree in computer science, computer system engineering, or software engineering


  1. Software testing and debugging
  2. Computer programming and coding
  3. Problem-solving and logical thinking
  4. Software development

8. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers are usually a part of the operations team and the development team. Some of the common tools that DevOps Engineers work with are, Linux, Unix, Jenkins, and Git. On the coding and scripting front, they must be experts in Python, Ruby, Shell, and other popular programming languages. Facilitating automation is one of the major responsibilities of DevOps Engineers.

They do all that by maintaining the infrastructure and integrating it with cloud services. There are many other major responsibilities are participation in deployment and network operations and working on developing new applications.


  1. A good knowledege of cloud service platform
  2. Experience in digital pipiline development
  3. Knowledge of working in Linux


  1. Salaries range from 6 lakh to 30 lakhs/annum depending upon the experience

9. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are employed for developing and implementing solutions and architectures that are related to blockchain technology. The adoption of digital payments is increasing in India and therefore blockchain has appeared as a key innovator in the fintech sector especially.

There are various other sectors where blockchain has big scope, such as smart contracts. The technology is recent and the job market is facing a huge shortage of skilled blockchain professionals and this is the right time for tech-buffs to enter this domain and make a career out of it.


  1. Proficiency in programming
  2. Knowledge and understanding of R3, Ripple, Etherium, and bitcoin technologies.
  3. In-depth understanding of consensus methodologies
  4. Security protocol stacks and cryptocurrency libraries


  1. Salaries range from 6 lakh to 30 lakhs/annum depending upon the experience

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10. IoT Solutions Architect

This is a leadership role that involves planning strategies and overseeing the deployment of all IoT solutions within an organization. The role demands proficiency in hardware design, programming, and architecture along with great experience.

It also requires participation in other design-related activities for translating business needs into technological solutions.


  1. Engeneering graduate in IT, CS, Electrical and Electronics


  1. Salaries range from 6 lakh to 30 lakhs/annum depending upon the experience