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10 Best Street Food of Agra:

When it comes to the best street food of Agra then many mouth-watering dishes come into our thoughts. The City Agra is not only famous for the mesmerizing Taj Mahal but its delicacies too. It is considered one of the best street food serving spots in the country by many connoisseurs. The city is very populated, inspite of this it witnesses foodies coming from all over the country to quench their insatiable appetite. So take a look at some of the famous food which are listed here and are the best street food in Agra.

1. Petha

Best Street Food

Whenever we think of Petha the name comes to Agra in our mind. A trip to Agra is not complete without Petha. It is one of the most iconic and famous street food in Agra. Petha comes in a wide variety, and many flavors, right from Paan to Kesar, and if these aren’t mouthwatering enough for you, then you can always try its other variants.

As it is a specialty of Agra, so it has people rushing over from all parts of the country due to its delicious flavor. Petha is specially prepared from white pumpkin or ash gourd and mixed with nuts which give it a unique taste and delicious flavor. Two varieties of Petha are very popular, one variety is dry and hard while the other is soft and kind of liquid.

2. Paratha

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It doesn’t matter which corner of the country you travel, you’d always want to grab a bite of this famous Mughlai dish. Parathas are prepared from wheat with stuffing varying from grated potatoes, grated cauliflower to carrots etc. It is regarded as the ultimate and best breakfast dish.
Agra is legendary for its Mughlai Cuisine, and here you’d get the simplest parathas served here which is additionally a number of the simplest street food in Agra. Parathas are served hot with chutneys to tingle your taste buds.

3. Dahi Bhalla

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Dahi Bhalla also popularly known as Dahi Vada in many parts of India is a very popular dish of Agra. You would have not eaten special Dahi Bhalla of Agra which is very famous and one of the most eaten street food. It is prepared from urad lentils which are soaked overnight and then ground into a batter for making Vada. The vadas are then fried and put in water. Then they aretransferred to thick beaten yogurt. They are served with curd and other flavouring items which make it a delicious food.

4. Aloo Tikki

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It is a dish of fried and mashed potatoes mixed with various Indian spices, chickpea curry and is served hot with chutney and other flavouring items. It is made as to the shape of flattened balls. Agra looks breathtaking and beautiful in the evening with the sun sparkling off the Taj. A plate of Bhalla and this view insight is a sight to embark upon and this makes the Bhalla more enjoyable to eat. It is favorite amongst the locals and is considered as famous street food in Agra.

5. Dalmoth

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If you don’t like sweet dishes and want to indulge in something crunchy and crispy, then this might be the perfect snack for you. You should spend a lousy winter evening in this historic city of Agra with Dalmoth and witness the sky changing colors from a bright blue to a shade of pink and red. Dalmoth in Agra is best enjoyed with tea. It is prepared by a mixture of nuts, spices, and fried lentils. It is also used as snacks with beer or whisky. It is a dry snack, and you don’t have to worry about it while travelling. You can just pack these Dalmoth and take it with you.

6. Tandoori Chicken

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Just like Hyderabad is famous for its Biryani, West Bengal for its Rasogolla in the same way Tandoori Chicken is one of the most famous street food in Agra. It is served with green mint chutney and also red chutney this juicy chicken would surely make you feel insatiable about it. It is also famous in other parts of India but the Tandoori Chicken of Agra has a different flavour which makes it taste a little different from other.

7. Jalebi

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This spiral dish is served best when hot and makes your mouth water as soon as you take the first bite out of this iconic street food in Agra. You will get the finest and most delicious Jalebis in Agra at every street and localities. It is prepared from a fermented batter which is dipped in a syrup made from sugar and taken out. It is a sticky sweet and hence is a favourite amongst people who like sweet dishes. It is mostly eaten with curd and also some other liquids like rabri.

8. Shawarma

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You can get shawarma in almost every city of India now, but Agra has the delight to offer. It is served with green and white mint sauces this chicken filled roll would surely make you crave for more. Eating shawarma in Agra is an delighted experience and worth remembering.

9. Paneer Tikka

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If you are a vegetarian then chicken has nothing to offer you but paneer or cheese is for you. It is a healthy dish and it is cooked using coal and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. This street food in Agra serves as an excellent starter and is very delicious. It is served with chutney and other flavouring substances which acts as a silver lining to it.

10. Bedai

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Bedai is an important breakfast food of Agra. Bedai is an another name of Kachori. It is served hot with spicy potato gravy and is highly recommended and eaten by the locals because of its sweet and tangy taste. The dish is also served with curd and chutney in various parts of Agra. This also loved in other parts of the country and eaten with many other flavouring substances. It is found in every street of Agra and also one of the famous breakfast food in India.

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