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10 Best Places To Visit In Kerela:

Have you ever seen the best places to visit in Kerela. Here I am going to make you explore the 10 best places to visit in Kerela. There are lots of hotels in Kerela for the tourists that remain almost full all the year but there is no problem for the tourist to find the hotels for them as there are many hotels and resorts in the state in the tourist areas and also you can find the right hotel for you by clicking on the link here.

It is a popular tourist state and famous tourist places are here as in Ooty

Kerala is a state on the Southeren  Coast of India, it stretches about 580 km along the Malabar Coast. It has the  neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It had a major trading area for the Portuguese for doing business from India to the European Countries. Apart from all this Kerela had been a major spice exporter for the world. It has been named as the spice Garden of India.

The state of Kerela is situated between the Western Ghats and the Lakshadweep Sea. Kerala is a region of lovely natural beauty. Moving from the rocky highlands westward towards the coastal plain is a stretch of farmlands, it has different crops cultivated at different elevations. Moving along the coast there is a linked chain of lagoons and backwaters. Together it is known as Venice of India. The important rivers that flow to drain into the Arabian Sea are the Periyar, Chalakudi, Pamba and Ponnani. 

It has a rich biodiversity which is mainly concentrated in the Western Ghats.

The main economy is only because of Farming, Fishing and shipbuilding.

10 Top tourist places in Kerela

1. Kumarakom:

Best places to visit in Kerela

It is a very popular destination near the Kottayam City. It has the largest lake of Kerela that is Vembanad Lake.

It has the famous backwater tourism in India. It has a balanced tropical climate and has the moderate climate throughout the year.

2. Kovalam:(One of the best Kerela tourist places)

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If any beach can beat the beautiful of Goa in India that is only the Kovalam City in Kerela. It is located along the coastlines of Arabian Sea and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the state of Kerela.

3. Kollam:

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It is a port city in Kerela and you can watch the traditions of Kerela. It has agriculture, dry fruits processing, and fishing as the main source of employment. Like Kovalam it has the famous Kollam beach, Thirumullavaram beach and Tangasseri beach.

It is one of the most famous holiday destinations in India.

4. Ashtamudi:

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It is commonly known as the Astamudi Lake. It is situated in the Kollam district of the Kerela state. In this town farms of Coconut trees and Palm trees are grown. It has the major Kallada River which goes into the Astamudi Lake.

It is a main centre of Eco- tourism.

Once you visit it, you will be highly enjoyed with its beautiful.

5. Guruvayur: 


It is the most religious town of Kerela and it has the famous Guruvayur Temple. 

People from different parts of the country come here to visit it once in a year. It has the venue ground for the festivals like ChembaiSangeetholsavam and Guruvayur Ekadashi. It is charming and beautiful place and attracts the tourists.

6. Kannur:


Everyone is fascinated by the beautiful of Kannur which is bordering the  Western Ghats of India. It is also known as the “Crown of Kerela”. It is a beach town in Kerela and anyone who is a beach visitor and nature lover should visit once in his life.

It has the only drive- in beach in India, that is Muzhappilanged Drive-in Beach.

7. Kavvayi Backwaters:

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If you are finding for a backwaters destinations you should once visit Kavvayi Backwaters.

It is surrounded by greenries. The best time to visit here is in winters and it has other attracting places like Payyannur Island and Valiyaparamba Island.

8. Malappuram:

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Malappuram City is also known as the “Football City of Kerela”. It is located in the southern part of Kerela.It is a spot of many tourist activities. The best time to visit there is from July to the winters end. It has the famous Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Koottayi Beach, Teak Museum, Kerelamkundu Waterfalls etc.

9. Munroe Island:


Munroe Island is a collection of 8 islets and is interconnected with each other with a network of canals. It is one of the best places to visit when you are planning a family trip, secret trip with your partner etc. It is a place of tourist activities like boating. It has the famous Jew town, Mattancherry Palace, paradise Synagogue etc.

10. Munnar:

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It is famous hillstation in India in Kerela. It is at a height of 1600m above the sea level. It has the beautiful mountains, lofty clouds, fresh feel, and plantation areas. There are many resorts and hotels in Munnar. People commonly call them Munnar resorts.

It feels very charming and there is no time period in the year in which it’s beauty fades.