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10 World Famous Food of Tamil Nadu:

India is a rich state in terms of food varieties. Here are the 10 world famous food of Tamil Nadu and Every state of India is rich in its own culture, diversity, food, etc. When talking about food South Indian Food is very different and world famous. 

Tamil Nadu a state of South India having different varieties of food in India that are eaten all over the world. There are many restaurants in the European Countries and other continents which provide specially Tamil Nadu’s Food. Let’s have a view of some famous food of Tamil Nadu which you should try once in your lifetime.

1. Dosa:

10 world famous food of tamil nadu

Dosa is a very famous food not only in Tamil Nadu but all across the world. A number of Dosa lovers visit in large numbers in the restaurant to taste the delight. It is made with the mixture of urad and rice grinded, which is then spread over the pan and cooked in medium heat. After it is heated it is the made to paper like shape and folded with some vegetable or some other flavouring ingredients and served with chutney and sambar. It has many varieties like Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Onion Dosa, Tomato Dosa and Egg Dosa.

2. Sambar:(Famous food of Tamil Nadu)


Sambar is a curry which is made from different spices and vegetables. Almost all the South Indian Food is served with Sambar because of its spicy and sour taste because of the presence of tamarind. The vegetables which are used to make it are brinjal, potatoes, pumpkin etc. It is also made more flavouring by adding curry leaves in it.

3. Uttapam:(One of the 10 world famous food of Tamil Nadu)


Uttapam is a very popular food but similar to Dosa. It made by mixing urad and rice which is then grinded. It is then made to ferment for some hours. Then it is fried over a pan with some oil or ghee. It is then topped with some cut vegetables. It is then served with chutney and sambar. It tastes both like Idli and Dosa as it is flat, crispy and soft.

4. Murukku:

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Murukku is a famous snack from Tamil Nadu. It is shaped as Jalebi like curls. It is made with a mixture of urad, rice, salt, water and cumin seeds and then grinded. Then it is fried on oil in a pan and made in different shapes but most commonly is curls shaped. It is crispy and tastes best when had with chutney.

5. Uruttu Chammanti:


Uruttu Chammanti is a coconut chutney which is very famous in Tamil Nadu.  It is made with coconut, red chilly, mustard seeds and ginger. It is served with many South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, Vada etc. It tastes very delicious and gives the perfect balance to the taste of the food.

6. Idli and Vada:(World Famous Food)


Idli and Vada are the breakfast delight for the people around the world. Both of these delicious dishes are complimentary to each other. One may miss Vada when he has only Idli and vice versa. Idli is made from the mixture of urad and rice which is grinded and made spongy after it is cooked. Vada in the other hand is made from gram which is mixed with mustard seeds, curry leaf and cumin seeds. It is shaped and fried to taste crispy and soft. Also eaten with sambar and chutney.

7. Paruppu Payasam:


Paruppu Payasum is one of the most famous sweet dish of Tamil Nadu. It is made with roasted moong dal which is then cooked in a pressure cooker. Then jaggery syrup  is poured over the mashed moong dal and well stirred to cook completely. It tastes very delecious and creamy, and eaten with dry fruits.

8. Rasam:

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Rasam is a soup and is had before the meals. It is very tasty and tastes very spicy, strong and gives a burst flavour. It is made with tomatoes, cumin seeds, pepper and tamarind. It is also poured over the rice and gives the rice a very good taste. 

9. Banana Bonda:

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Banana Bonda is a food or a type of snack which is stuffed with banana and then deep fried in oil. It is a savoury preparation and tastes sweet. It is mostly eaten with tea in the breakfast and also served at the celebrations, rituals and traditional festivals.

10. Pongal:(Best Food Of Tamil Nadu)


Pongal is a meal which is served at almost all the festivals of Tamil Nadu. It is cooked with ingredients like rice, sweet milk, green gram, raisins, cardamom and dry fruits. It has two varieties like the sweet one and the savoury flavour.

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