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10 Great Things To Keep in mind before buying clothes:

Things to keep in mind before buying clothes.

We all love shopping for clothes for ourselves. We should have certain things to keep in mind before buying clothes. Shopping for clothes often makes us confused about which how to buy and which criteria should be applied before finding new styles. All of it depends on our attitude and approach. However, it is a rewarding and relaxing activity. So we should use these great tips and keep them in our mind when buying clothes either in a shopping store or on an online shopping website. So let’s have a look over these great steps for finding new styles which will suit us.

1. Set your clothing budget:

When you have definite numbers to work with it becomes easier to plan your shopping items and get rid of overspending. One best way to make a budget is to list all the clothing that you want to buy in a year. Then you should make sure how much you want to spend on each of them. These are the things to keep in mind before buying clothes. Once you calculate the total possible spending then hold yourself to it and don’t try and think to spend more.

2. Make a use of use board:

A mood board is a collection of images of the different types of clothing that you like to buy. It helps you to make your personal clothing style and you always remember when you are shopping for clothes as it becomes a source of inspiration. Always check for the common things between your mood board things and the clothes which you are judging for you. When selecting see if they align with the style of your mood board.

3. Always keep a wish list:

You should a running list of clothing items that you won’t need or want for yourself. when you go shopping always look over the list to remind yourself what you are actually looking for. Shopping from a list is much successful than just going and heading out with only one specific item in your mind. The first time, you may not find everything which you were for but you can specifically check most of the items on your list. You can bookmark your favorite items and return to them when the brand starts a sale on online shopping.

4. Know your body measurements:

Always keep your measurements with you. On your mobile phone keep a note of your chest, waist, hip, and length measurements. This will much help you during online shopping. You can compare your measurements with the store’s size chart easily. When you are in an offline store you can take a measuring tape with you and check if a piece will fit you before you try it as it will save your time and you can look for more pieces at a specific time. This also helps very much when you are shopping for vintage clothes, As vintage sizing differs from modern sizing.

5. Start for broad and then edit:

When you are shopping online or from an offline store add all the items you like in your shopping cart. Then you can start editing from them. You can also compare them and try to find the best one for you. Many times you find such a great and beautiful piece that you have not imagined. This is much common and you can find many surprising pieces for you if you do this step and find your perfect match in a better way.

6. Make a list of pieces you already own:

When looking for a new item make a list in your mind from your closet which you will be able to wear with it. You always want a new piece to make it match with the items which you already have in your cupboard. Suppose you are looking for a cardigan it will not work with your clothes at home. For that, you need to also look for other matching pairs or buy that item that will work well with your previously owned items in your home.

7. Bring a diversity in your wardrobe:

Always look for different items and don’t look for the same items every time. This all increases your unnecessary budget every time. But you can buy those items which are similar to what you own but better than them in many aspects. Also, specify how many of them you want for you. Your answer generally is not more than two in casual dress except when it is about work uniform.

8. Always try in different sizes:

When you are shopping and you find an item that hits your eyes then grab that in your own size as well as the sizes for above and below. You can also try for different for the same item. Collect all the pieces and go into the fitting room and take your time in judging the exact match. Also look at the piece when you sit, bend, move and spread. It all makes your style better and also lets you identify your best match from them.

9. Go for window shopping trend:

Window shopping is very much used these days. It can provide inspiration for new ideas for our styles. IF you see something you like to have in a designer shop and when you ask for that but the price is much high then you may add it to your wish list and look for a suitable version anywhere else. You may find the item at a cheaper price. All this is a great way to find styling ideas for your mood board.

10. Put you selected items on hold:

If your finding for the best is not satisfied you can ask for the shopkeeper to keep the items on hold. Many big stores hold the items on hold till the end of the day which gives you time to decide. You can think about the piece after moving out of the store and come back if you really want it in your style. If you are doing online shopping then you may put the items on your cart and wait for 1 to 2 days before you actually buy them for yourself.

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